Grand Street Business Improvement District Discount Card Program


The Grand Street Business Improvement District (BID) serves businesses on six-long blocks of Grand Street between Union and Bushwick Avenues in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Its principal activities include supplemental sidewalk cleaning, graffiti removal, the promotion and marketing of its diverse local businesses and providing advocacy for them through its partnership with city agencies in order to provide a clean, safe and inviting place for residents, businesses and shoppers. The Grand Street BID also works with local neighborhood organizations and nonprofits in order to best serve the community.

I worked with staff to design a new discount card, discount card holder, table tent, and window decal to attract more residents and keep existing residents shopping and spending time in the district.


  • Leverage the Grand Street Business Improvement District logo in discount card design.
  • Create an iconic, community driven and happy image.


Residents in East Williamsburg.