The Field Guide to Future Green Map


Guide provides Green Map System (mapmaking nonprofit) with a roadmap to transform into a sustainable enterprise. The guide was created in a team of six. My role included ethnographic research, concepting, strategy and branding.


  • Design an income gernerator.
  • Create a product, service, campaign, app, event or relationship that is cost-effective, practical, readily developed and implemented by Green Map's small team at the East Village global office.
  • This income generator should 'walk its talk' and be elegantly designed at a low cost yet extend Green Map's reach as it generates a significant income stream ($50,000 target).


  • Green Map is switching to an open source platform without a clear definition of what that means or how it can make sustainable income. 
  • In Green Map's initial Income Generation brief they mentioned physical products, kit, consulting, partnering, emoji’s, mapmaker resources, one on one mentoring, website, and resiliency as possible areas for us to explore.


  • In order to explore Green Map’s wants and develop new solutions we framed a value proposition and conducted interviews and surveys with Green Map stakeholders, fans, and users.
  • We developed insights and confirmed Green Map’s speculations of what they need.
  • Through this process, we decided to focus on consulting, tourism, historical records, climate change, diagnosis tool, emergency response, freemium, apps, licensing, and branded projects.
  • After our second meeting with Green Map, we found out they were interested in focusing on a consultant package, new ways to use Green Map icons (Emoji’s), and Green Maps and resiliency.

Ideation, Stance, Audience:

  • Ideation - games, use of open/public space, local artists, events, tourism, displays, etc.
  • Stance - for our project, we decided to focus more on the physical than digital.
  • Audience - Government, Business, Education, Social Impact.


  • Focus on getting the resources that enable more actions and impact.
  • Deliverables structured in short-term (4-6 months), mid-term (7-18 months), and long-term (18-36 months) solutions.
  • We placed our solutions into these categories:
    • Long-term - website, resiliency, emoji’s.
    • Mid-term - partnering, educational starter kit, workshop tool kit.
    • Short-term - mentor card, speaking, workshops, daily use, pricing structure.


After working on our solutions we realized that Green Map didn’t have a consistent or current voice and image. We decided to give the brand a facelift with the creation of a persona, mood board, updated logo, mission statement, etc.

Mission Statement:

Green Map System unearths local knowledge through mapmaking to foster collective action for lively and sustainable community development worldwide.


Website featuring original content and partnerships, resiliency, emoji’s, partnering, educational kit, workshop tool kit, mentor card, speaking, workshops, physical products, and membership structure.

Final Presentation to the Client:

  • Working book - field guide style, informative but not step-by-step, incorporating the Green Map icons, bookmark/sticker element, space for notes, etc.
  • Map - featuring Green Map’s timeline to implement solutions with descriptions of each solution.

Book cover

Book cover



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